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Humanity in a nutshell ?

22 Feb

“The human race had always disgusted me. Essentially, what made them disgusting was the family-relationship illness, which included marriage, exchange of power and aid, which like a sore, a leprosy, became then: your next door neighbour, your neighbourhood, your district, your city, your country, your state, your nation…. everybody grabbing each other’s assholes in the honeycomb survival out of a fear-animalistic stupidity”. -Charles Bukowski, Tales of ordinary madness.

Those were the prettiest words in this whole book. The prettiest, most honest words of all. After I read those few sentences, I closed the book and drifted away.. He described the human race in such an astonishing way! this got me to thinking about him, about “Humanity” he sometimes talked about humans as if he wasn’t one of us, he have always had disillusioned views on life. He had few “real” friends, he clearly hated people! and the question that killed my brain is: What made him dislike humans so bad? Was it his pride? Pride is the enemy of all other emotions, I’ve had issues with my pride as well, but I don’t really know. Dear Mr Bukowski, I’d like to pick your brain about HUMANITY.

“Humanity, you never had it to begin with.” – Bukowski