Egypt Tomorrow

14 Mar

A year had passed by, moments had passed by as well, and here we are; February 2012. A year passed since the Arab revolutions or, the Arab spring as what others call it had started. And a year and 18 days since Hosni Mubarak had resigned the office of president. A revolution that had a lot of hopes, dreams, that came along with it. Things were changing in Egypt, no one knew how it would be like, but we all knew that things will not go back as they were before. It all started when the tunisian revolution had been twittered by the people of Tunisia, and that what made the Egyptians wonder, Tunisia had what they wanted, why cant we? And so they discussed in Facebook, and went to Tahrir Square. Hm, a square? Aren’t that weird? Chanting for freedom in a square that has it’s limitations and a fixed area? Well, my friends, if you have seen the Tahrir Square or even ever been there, with all of the protestors, you will think twice about what you just said.  


I wont start describing what exactly happened, because I am pretty sure that we all got fed up with the events and with the revolution related articles, we all know what exactly happened around Egypt, In Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta, Suez. etc,.The other day I read my timeline on twitter, I saw a couple of my egyptian followers tweeting about politics and expressing their feelings, with no fear like before, it got me thinking, all of what happened had us all messed up, it certainly did, all of the Arab world, not just Egypt, they have fought for their freedom and we watched them on media. And most importantly, how efficient were the outcomes of this revolution? Did they pay off the souls of the martyrs? The sleepless nights? The bloody days at Tahrir square? Let us discuss this in length, shall we? 


We all can not deny that Egypt today is in a better shape than Egypt yesterday, or last year, or the years before. But, did the people of Egypt finally got what they want? Was their revolution efficient? Although they and we know that it will take a long time for Egypt to heal itself, it’s economy, and to fixed the hearts of the egyptians. I will no discuss the affect of media, or the effect of football or economy, but i will talk about the effect of the Revolution! 


After almost a year now, Mubarak is and was no longer the leader of Egypt, that if he ever have been. Egypt is now rolled by SCAF(Supreme Council of the Armed Forces).  From February up until June everything was going just fine, then July came, some people had started a Facebook page entitled “The Second Egyptian Revolution of Rage” read: “Seeing that the situation, under the leadership of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, is only going from bad to worse, this page had opened the eyes of a lot of egyptians, helped them to know what was going to happen, the following, Disaster? Thousand of protestors around the country had gathered together. Essam Sharaf the prime minister of SCAR made a televised statement, concludes: That the government would respond to public demands and also included a timeline in which these demands would be met. Although Essam’s era did not last for a long time, in December Kamal Ganzouri was appointed prime minister of SCAF. On Janurary 24th, the leader of Egypt, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi left the State of Emergency. And just today, it was announced that Presidency Elections will take place at the 23rd of May 2012. And finally, after awaiting for almost a year and a half, people of Egypt will get what they really want. 

 *I wrote this article about a month ago, but i only had the chance to post it today. 


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