Could This Be Club Brugge’s Golden Season?

2 Aug

Is it the right time for the club brugge to shine again? and go back to the top of the Jupiler pro league?  well maybe who knows? it looks like that the dutch manager took it seriously after the last season, and show it in the 2011 summer transfers season.

Club brugge eneded  last season, in the 4th place in the league table, with 53 points. it was considered as an average season for the club, and everybody from the fans to the media started to question  adore koster, who took over the head coach job back on 2009.

However, all of us were not so excited at the beginning of the transfers season this summer, with big names leaving the club, such as ivan perisic  and ronald vargas, who left the for bundsliga side dortmund, and the second for anderlachet.

We saw the first player leaving and he was ivan Perisic, brugge’s superstar last season, being the Juplier league’s top scorer with 22 goals. and with him leaving,  This, however, begged certain questions.will the club will ever find his perfect replacement? because the squad had clearly lost one of the most essential players.

Things started to move faster in the transfer season, that was followed with a second disappointment for the club fans, “ronald vargas had left for Anderlecht”. that newspaper headline was not so shocking but yet , it was disappointing. The 25 year old venezuelan had started the past season in a good shape, then in february he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury, in a league match against KRC Genk. With these two names leaving the club, the dutch man was in a journey of, looking for the perfect replacements.

Reports started to link Lior Rafaelov’s name to the belguinum club. as soon as his name was on the market, everybody thought of him as the next player who will be as successful as ivan perisic.  The 25 year old Israei midfielder, who had joined the club for  2.5 Million. had a fantastic  last season with his former club;  Maccabi Haifa.  he was voted at the player of the year in the israeli football,won the league title, were he was the top scorer, scoring 11 goals, Quite frankly i don’t think that he can ask for a better season. 

That was just the beginning of a very successful summer transfer market, the second step was signing a very well known name for the spanish fans and la liga viewers, Victor Vasquez, FC Barcelona’s former Player,  joined the team on 10 may for a three years contract, Vazquez has entered barcelona’s youth team at the age of 9, and he was in the same group along with; pique,fabregas and the argentine  lionel messi.Victor is an attacking midfielder which will make him a great replacement for vargas. Names just kept coming,  but obviously the ducth manager focused more on the midfielders and attackers.

The Last two signings were; Niki Zimling and Bjorn Vleminckx.  Niki is danish Midfilder who came from udiniese, the italian club after a loan to N.E.C that lasted for one season, Zimling signed a 4 year contract with the club, for a fee estimated to be around €500,000, he would definitely be a perfect backup midfielder. 

Now after that koster brought a great world class-to be midfielders, its time to bring a striker. The first name that was on the market was Bjorn Vleminckx, the belgian footballer who came from N.E.C.Vleminckx was the top scorer in the Erdivisne during the 2010\2011 season. scoring 23 goals. looking up and at all of the statistics we can see that most of club brugge’s new players were the top stars in their league last season and the top scorers, by scoring 10+ goals, That can show us that we are going to witness a season full of goals for the club.

in July 28th it was the first official game of the season for the club, in the Europa League qualifying round against Qarabag, club brugge won 4-1 it its own stadium and between their fans, direr, Vlemickz, Vazquez and Donk scored brugge’s goals. Aliyev scored qarabag’s only goal. 

we all have been wondering about the lineup of the team, will the dutch manager play with 4-2-3 or a 4-3-3, with two wingers that will manage to switch places during the match? and we are talking about  Dirar and zimimlng here, or will we see Vazquez alone in the front? many questions had poped in our head before the kick off of the first official match. 

 koster started the match with ; coosemans –  Hoefkens, Donk, Almebäck, Stenman – Odjidja, Zimling, Vazquez – Dirar, Vleminckx, Refaelov. and as what we have all expected we saw plenty of goals.

After facing qarabag in the EL qualifiers, the royal club had to face westerly in the start of the competition, Koster had descried the westerly match as “more difficult than qarabag’s”. but his players proved him wrong by beating westerlo by 5 amazing goals, and a breathtaking performance by the team in their first match of the jupiler pro league, the 5 goals were by ; Vlemickx,vazquez,donkmodjidja-ofoe and meunier. 

 we have witnessed some big transformations for the team in the summer transfers season, the new up coming stars that have an catchy eyes for the goals, the great willing for a smart manager and his youth team, Could this be the time? for the royal club to go back to the top, and win the league? well, i wont get surprised if they did! because i am warning you all from now club brugge’s season will be full of goals!. 



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